Contact Philosophy

  • You get what you bring to the point.
    Every moment's emanation proceeds from the point of intent, point of interest, point of belief. Use contact to see what you bring to the point. If your experience is blissful - see what it is you have brought to the point that has made it so. If your experiencce is uncomfortable, ask what interpretation, belief or framework you have brought to the experience to make it so.

  • When two become one, one becomes whole and whole becomes holy.
    Contact is an opportunity to clear all that keeps us from source. When we allow the other to become a mirror through which we can see what we bring to the point, we move beyond habitual actions and reactions. The mind quiets. As inner conflict is healed we become whole. The external reflects this inner state of being. We return to knowing ourselves and each other aspects of one source. Through the other, we are given the opportunity to more fully embody the principles of balance, harmony, and beauty in our own lives. We become holy.

  • What you give is what you get, what you get is what you give.
    The nature of your experiencce in contact yoga depends on your intention - how available and willing you are to touch and be touched; not just at the level of the physical body, but at the more subtle levels of the mental body, emotional body and energy body. The depth of your being touched equals the quality of your touch. The more deeply we receive and perceive the lessons essential for the healing process of yoga, the more we are able to provide this depth to another.

  • As we release, the life force is awakened. Trust it.
    Prana is the cosmic energy or life force - the energy that permeates and guides the universe and our body. The wisdom of prana is far superior to any knowledge we have today. Contact Yoga releases deeply held emotional and physical tensions and heals inner conflict. As this prana is freed, it becomes stronger and naturally moves us towards our spiritual evolution in exactly the right way - dissolving blocks and showing us what we need to see along the way. Trust that this conscious energy is carrying you in the direction that you need to go.

  • When two come together, a third thing gets created.
    • Self Protection - In most of the contact we have with other people, the Self an the Other never meet. We hold our two spheres absolutely apart - afraid to come to union, holding our protection and differences to fortify the ego.
    • Loss of Self - In other relationships, we completely lose ourselves in the other - holding no boundaries for the integrity of wholeness and the integration of self. We do not honor our own needs.
    • Contact - When we are together, yet apart, dependent and independent, true sharing occurs. There is a blessed and magical outcome that comes from every interaction. Something is shifted in both the self and the other that is greater than the sum of the parts. It is through the point of contact that this third element can be born.

Reprinted from Contact Yoga Teacher Training Manual, by Ken Nateshvar Scott.